Bộ Đề Thi Mẫu Tiếng Anh B1 B2 A1 A2 - Viết TASK 1 - Đề số 4

Bộ Đề Thi Mẫu Tiếng Anh B1 B2 A1 A2 - VIẾT TASK 1 - Đề số 4

1. Cấu trúc đề thi tổng quát

2. Đề Viết B1 B2 VSTEP: VIẾT TASK 1 - Đề số 1
You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
You are planning to go and study English at a school overseas.
You would like some information about their courses. Write a letter to the school. In your letter ask about the school say what kind of accommodation you want mention any special requests you have (for example diet).
Write at least 120 words.

3. Bài làm (điểm 7)

   Dear Sir/Madam,
   My name is Hoàng and my native language is Vietnames. I am writing this letter in regard to inquire some information  about your school as I am planning to take English courses in your school.

   To start with, I would be more interested in finding out more about the system and ongoing program in your academy. I have heard and read about your teaching method and teacher as you have very qualified  and well-experienced staff as well as unique teaching methods.It would be really appreciated if you send me all the details of your school and programs.

   Despite  this, I am interested in the accommodation which is provided by your school. I want to tell you that I want to have a single room as I don’t like to share accommodation as I am a very shy and private person as well as I want to ask about the laundromat options as I have read that you provided a laundry room  to first-year students. In addition to this, there is also a special request  for my meals as  I am a vegan person and I can’t eat any non-vegan items due to my religious beliefs  as well as I am allergic to  mushrooms and I got rashes all over my body whenever I eat the mushrooms.
   I am really forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your cooperation.
   Yours faithfully,

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